Responsorial Psalms

The Psalms (“Mazmur") of the Hebrew Bible were intended to be sung. The words of the Psalms will not resonate in our hearts if we only read them, so we need them to be put to melody. This website offers a new collection of settings for Responsorial psalms composed using the Psalm texts of the Indonesian Bible. Almost all of the melodies are new compositions by members of the Psalm Project Team of GKI (the Indonesian Christian Church).  The collection has ben published in the book called “Bermazmurlah Bagi Tuhan.” I have recorded this collection and posted it on the website in order to help musicians and cantors learn and appreciate the new settings. The recording is not perfect, but it is good enough to provide an example of how each Psalm might be sung. May this work be a blessing to you.  

 © Juswantori Ichwan 2016